Move. Learn. Eat.

The following activity is based on a great lesson plan from I used it for ESO 1 classes up to Bachillerato 2, so it can easily be adapted to many levels.

Part 1 – Move

  • First, write these questions on the board: If you could visit any city or country in the world, where would you go? Why?
  • Below the questions write: I would go to ______ because ______.
  • (I found it was helpful to write out a formula for the answer to encourage students to respond in complete sentences.)
  • Next, call on students and have them talk about where they would like to travel and why. You can also ask them about places they’ve visited in the past.
  • Explain that you are going to watch some videos made by three friends who traveled to 11 countries in 44 days. The first video is called Move.
  • After the video ask the students to try and name all the cities and countries they saw (e.g. Spain, Portugal, France, Argentina, Italy, India, etc.). You can also ask them to describe what types of places they saw (e.g. cities, beach, metro, monuments, churches, mountains, etc.).
  • Talk to the students about any trips they’ve been on to visit these places.

Part 2 – Learn

  • Next question: What kinds of things could a person learn while traveling in another country?
  • Possible answers: another language, dance, music, food, sports, etc.
  • After this show the second video, Learn.
  • Discuss all the different types of things the traveler learned in the video. When students can’t remember it is helpful to pantomime some of the activities and see if they know the vocabulary (e.g. pretend you are wine tasting, playing soccer, rock climbing, etc.)

Part 3 – Eat

  • The final topic is food.
  • To begin with I ask students to tell me about some typical Spanish foods (e.g. paella, ham, crema catalana, etc.)
  • Then discuss more general food vocabulary (e.g. salad, pizza, hamburgers, ice cream, etc.)
  • Watch Eat, the last video
  • After the video have the students identify all the foods they saw in the video. If there is enough time you can also ask students to talk about their favorite foods.

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